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About Queen of Peace

Brief History
studentsIn 1930, Monsignor Peter B. O’Connor, the first pastor of Queen of Peace Church, invited the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill to staff the newly formed Queen of Peace High School. The Sisters brought the spirit and spirituality of their congregation to their ministry of education at QPHS by living out their mission:  “We live and work so that all people may be united with God and with one another.” For 30 years, the Sisters of St. Joseph, the parish priests, and a few lay people formed the faculty and staff of QPHS.

In 1960, the De La Salle Christian Brothers came to QPHS, bringing with them the spirit and spirituality of their founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle. The Brothers taught the boys, while the Sisters of St. Joseph continued to teach the girls making QPHS a co-institutional high school.  In 1981 QPHS transitioned from  a co-institutional to a co-educational high school, still staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph, the De La Salle Christian Brothers, and a dedicated lay faculty. Today, our dedicated  administration and faculty remain faithful to the Catholic traditions of QPHS’s history.  In 2011, the School began a growing relationship with the Order of Malta, an international Catholic lay religious order, focused on serving the poor and sick and defense of the Faith.


  • Students come from over 50 towns and cities in Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Passaic and Union counties, representing over 60 parishes.
  • The student body includes a cross section of the major ethnic and racial communities in surrounding areas.
  • There is a significant international student population, providing QPHS students with a global cultural and educational experience.
  • Students from both Catholic and public school systems attend and are welcome at Queen of Peace High School.

Mission Statement
Queen of Peace High School is a multicultural Catholic family of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, seeking to strengthen our students’ faith and love for Christ.  Our goal is to provide students of varying intellectual abilities with the essential knowledge, skills and values to face successfully the challenges of the future.

Belief Statements
At Queen of Peace High School, we believe…

  • That effective Catholic education helps students develop a sense of dignity and self-respect and encourages them  to treat others with that same dignity and respect;
  • That education develops the whole person spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • In the uniqueness of each student, in his/her talents and gifts and ability to learn.
  • That community service and volunteerism develops a strong sense of Christian commitment toward others and engages students in leadership roles that enhance their sense of community.
  • That diversity is essential for learning to live in a global society and inspires students to be respectful of all people as children of God.
  • That a school must provide positive adult role models for the students entrusted to its care.
  • That learning is a lifelong process that enables individuals to grow and develop their full potential in an ever-expanding technological world.
  • That a challenging academic curriculum will foster in students a sense of discipline and a desire to realize their potential and strive to achieve excellence.
  • That a school must provide a safe, secure, orderly and comfortable environment where students can enthusiastically pursue knowledge.

Queen of Peace High School is a four-year coeducational parochial secondary school that shares in the mission of the Roman Catholic Church to prepare and educate its members to proclaim and live out the Gospel message.  QPHS, therefore, fosters in its students a mature faith, whereby they come to recognize the real and lasting value of human activity in this world. Through this growth in faith, students will come to a new vision of God, themselves and the society in which they live.

Queen of Peace High School acknowledges its responsibility to be a Catholic educational community in which staff and students endeavor to build and live community in a climate of respect, trust and friendship. In a nurturing, safe and orderly environment, the School works to foster among its students a social conscience that is sensitive to the needs of all, regardless of ethnic origin, religious affiliation or economic status.   It promotes a recognition that all people are entitled to the dignity granted them by a just and loving God. We recognize and appreciate the diversity of the student body and promote understanding, acceptance and respect.

Aware that service is a natural by-product of authentic community, Queen of Peace High School challenges its students to accept personal responsibility to live out their basic baptismal commitment by sharing their talents and goods with others.  As such, we provide many opportunities for our students to participate in service projects both locally and abroad.. We are dedicated to developing men and women who are prepared to take an active role in life as good, moral citizens with strong Catholic values.
Aware that high school is but one step in the educational formation process, QPHS emphasizes a strong fundamental intellectual experience that will serve as a basis for lifelong learning.  The School provides a challenging college preparatory program that encourages academic excellence and challenges students to think critically and creatively while at the same time remaining flexible enough to meet the educational needs of all students.

QPHS also acknowledges that students’ personal growth necessitates an integrated social life within the school and beyond it. To this end, the School provides a comprehensive program of co-curricular activities and athletics that enables students to discover their interests, talents and gifts and develop skills that will assist them throughout life.
The School community places emphasis on student freedom with responsibility. As students advance, they pass through a framework of guided decision-making concerning their religious, academic, social and athletic involvement. QPHS strives to implement processes of learning that prove beneficial to students, thereby allowing every opportunity to succeed and excel.

Our School philosophy is implemented through a series of objectives articulated below.

To provide an atmosphere in which the School community may develop and mature in its commitment to Jesus Christ and to the mission of the Church through:

  • An analysis of the attitude and behavior of the individual in relationship to God, self, and others;
  • The study of the Church through its history, doctrine, and contemporary teachings;
  • The study of Scriptures, moral values, and worship;
  • An exposure to various religious experiences;
  • Participation in Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and other liturgical celebrations;;
  • Participation in Retreat days and Christian social service experiences; and
  • A dedicated faculty who recognize their responsibility as teachers in a Catholic  school;
  • A campus minister who coordinates students’ and teachers’ efforts to help the school live up to its Christian philosophy;
  • A School chaplain who offers pastoral counseling and provides Sacraments on a regular basis;
  • A curriculum which offers exposure to relevant ethical concerns and provides a framework for decision-making based on Christian values, including Peace Quest assemblies; and
  • A means for closer participation in the Sacraments through student ministries such as Minister of the Eucharist and Minister of the Word.

To provide a milieu that challenges the intellect, provokes inquiry, stimulates creativity, and nurtures responsibility toward learning through:

  • Teaching techniques which develop critical, analytical, and independent thinking;
  • Fostering initiatives consistent with students’ abilities;
  • A variety of courses taught on different levels;
  • A curriculum council which evaluates and updates curriculum;
  • Instruction in basic skills;
  • A variety of cultural activities which develop an appreciation of the fine arts;
  • The use of library and audio-visual materials;
  • The use of well-equipped computer laboratories with software for appropriate computer applications and courseware for computer-aided instructions;
  • Teacher-student relationships which identify and develop the student’s areas of particular ability;
  • Faculty members with expertise in their subject areas and with an ability to stimulate and direct the learning process; and
  • A staff that is interested in and actively involved with the school day.
  • To promote the skills and graces needed by our students to act responsibly and successfully in an adult society by providing:
  • Supervised experiences highlighted by such leadership organizations as Student Council, National Honor Society, Peer Ministry, Liturgical Ministries, and athletic and service activities;
  • The experience of interacting with various authority structures, such as a discipline code, dress code, service supervision, and challenging academic requirements;
  • Supervision of extracurricular and social activities that allow students opportunities to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner; and
  • The opportunity and responsibility to participate in service-oriented activities.
  • To develop a sound body, which will assist in developing a sound mind,by:
  • Formal classes in physical education, health, and driver education;
  • Lifetime activities such as jogging, bowling, and other athletic endeavors;
  • Drug and alcohol education seminars which center on the dangers of substance abuse;
  • Suicide awareness and self-esteem programs which educate the student to become more confident, aware, and respectful of themselves and each other;
  • Interscholastic athletics/intramural competitions which develop good sportsmanship;
  • A continual interaction between students, faculty, and moderators, which creates relationships of trust and respect that transcend the classroom.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of QPHS will be persons of faith because they will:

  • Embody Gospel values in their actions and interactions;
  • Develop a personal relationship with God through private prayer and communal worship;
  • Bear witness to their  faith through active participation in parish life and community service;
  • Be  Christ-like;
  • Possess a strong sense of personal integrity and honor and willingly fights for social justice;
  • Exhibit faith in God and love for others; and
  • Share their faith with others.

Graduates of QPHS will be well-educated persons because they will:

  • Read critically, write with clarity, listen carefully, speak effectively, think critically, and reason creatively;
  • Be technologically proficient so as to function in a knowledge-valued society;
  • Value education and have a lifelong love of learning;
  • Exhibit intellectual curiosity;
  • Face the challenges of the world beyond Queen of Peace; and
  • Understand and articulate the moral and doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church.

Graduates of QPHS will be productive members of society because they will:

  • Respect religious, cultural and ethnic differences;
  • Value their role in the democratic process;
  • Collaborate  and work well with others; Be committed to constructive and peaceful resolution of conflicts; and
  • Work to improve local, national and global affairs.

Graduates of QPHS will be emotionally mature persons because they will:

  • Possess a strong self-awareness and positive self-image;
  • Develop self-discipline and confidence;
  • Accept responsibility for their own actions and make mature decisions based on Catholic moral teachings and values;
  • Establish a set of priorities for their  lives; and
  • Possess a sound work ethic.

Graduates of QPHS will be persons who respect all life because they will:

  • Understand that life begins with conception and ends with natural death;
  • Recognize the importance of spiritual, physical, and emotional health;
  • Appreciate the human body as a gift from God;
  • Develop sound habits of physical and nutritional health; and
  • Respect the physical environment and be willing to take stewardship of our planet.