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Incoming Freshmen

Incoming freshman take the Archdiocesan Cooperative Admissions Examination. The exam will be given on Friday, November 11, 2016. The application deadline for the COOP Exam is early October.

Applications for the COOP Exam are available beginning in September at QPHS, as well as at local Catholic Elementary Schools and parishes.


  • A Ninth Grade Applicant Record accompanies the COOP application and must be submitted to QPHS by the student’s elementary school.
  • Criteria for admission includes: student’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade transcript; standardized test scores; Cooperative Admissions Exam.
  • For students who miss the November COOP date, a walk-in version of the exam is offered periodically at QPHS, beginning in December. Call for information.

Incoming Freshman Registration

Families interested in registering for membership into the Class of 2021 should call the Admissions Office at 201-998-8227 x 232 to schedule a registration appointment.

Applicants for the Incoming Freshman Class:

Incoming freshmen: QPHS uses the COOP Admissions process which consists of the COOP Exam and the Ninth Grade Applicant Record. There is, however, an additional Admissions Application which should be completed and returned directly to QPHS by the applicant. This form is available from the school or by DOWNLOAD. There are no additional application fees.

Incoming freshmen must take the Cooperative Admissions Exam (COOP), an Archdiocesan-sponsored standard test administered by CTB-McGraw Hill. This exam will be administered in November 2016. The application for the exam is due by late October. Students can register for the COOP Exam directly through the COOP Exam web site at www.coopexam.org.  Specific dates are published in the COOP Student Handbook and are available from the Archdiocese of Newark website at http://www.rcan.org. The application for the COOP exam is available through Catholic Elementary Schools, local parishes and Queen of Peace High School. The fee for the exam is $60.00 (subject to change).

The COOP Web site is www.coopexam.org and the phone number for the COOP Hotline is 1-888-921-2667 or 1-888-921-COOP. The COOP e-mail assistance address is  support@coopexam.org.

Available with the COOP application is the Ninth Grade Applicant Record Release Form. A parent/guardian should give this form to the child’s elementary school principal, guidance counselor or teacher. This allows QPHS to receive a copy of the student’s academic records and standardized test scores.

Students will be evaluated through these records – student’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade (first marking period) performance and previous standardized testing results – and the Cooperative Admissions Exam.

Students receive admissions decisions by mail. The date that these letters are mailed is set by the Archdiocese, sometime in mid-January. This date is published each year in the COOP Student Handbook. Registration for incoming freshmen will be in February.

Catholic School Students should complete the COOP process in conjunction with your elementary school.

  1. Apply in early October to take the COOP exam.
  2. Take the COOP exam.
  3. Submit the Ninth Grade Applicant Record to you current elementary school which will allow your school to send us your academic records.
  4. Submit the Admissions Application to Queen of Peace High School by MAIL or ONLINE.
  5. You will receive an admissions decision by mail in mid-January.

Click here to download the Admissions Form for Incoming Freshmen

Private and Public School Students should contact the Admissions Office at 201-998-8227 x 232 or send an e-mail to admissions@qphs.org for help to complete the COOP process.

If an applicant has missed the opportunity to use the above procedure, please contact the Admissions Office at 201-998-8227 x 232 to request the appropriate application form and further information. The student must take one of the scheduled Walk-in COOP Exams. Fee for this exam is $70.00 (subject to change).

Seventh and Eighth grade students can take advantage of our Griffin for a Day Program to fully experience the school environment. Click here for the specifics of this program.

Transfer Applicants

Students who want to transfer to Queen of Peace High School from another high school must apply through the Admissions Office. You can Download the Admissions Application for Transfer Students or contact the Admissions Office at 201-998-8227 x 232 to request the form. You may also send an e-mail to admissions@qphs.org.  Additionally, a copy of the student’s academic transcript and standardized test scores must be submitted.  When all paperwork is received, the Admissions Director will schedule an interview with the student and a parent.

Transfer Applicants must submit all of the following:

  • Transcript which includes all high school subjects the student has taken and the grade received for each course.
  1. Standardized test scores on record.
  2. If applicable, any summer school course(s) the student has taken and the grade earned.
  3. Attendance data.
  4. Interview scheduled by the Admissions Office, once all required information has been submitted.

Download the Admissions Procedure Instructions

Click here to download the Admissions Form for Transfer Students

School Visits

Open Houses are held in September, October, and November.  Contact the Admissions Office at admissions@qphs.org or call 201-998-8227 x 232 for further information or a private tour.