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I want to speak about the importance of athletics at Queen of Peace.  Athletics on our campus is far more than the game of the moment on the field.  Athletics at our high school helps form the core belief of who and what we are.  We recognize that out of a sense of competition comes greatness.  We recognize that students with strong bodies are students with strong minds and strong futures.

Lessons learned on our fields of play are far more than numbers in a win/loss column.  Our scholar athletes are virtuous, competent, and caring.  They learn that teamwork is essential in life, they learn that the teams on which they play form a fraternal bond that knows no end; they are warriors on the field for QPHS, and off the field for the God who has given them the talent they possess.

Our athletes are exempted from physical education classes during their season of play with the expectation that they will use that time to study and prepare for classes, and are monitored by our teaching staff to ensure that reality.  They are held to the highest standards of conduct and academic performance not because they are athletes but rather because we invest in our athletes the time, care, and concern required to meet those high standards.

Our athletes are the epitome of service itself; they recognize that on the field of play they represent QPHS, and the immortal virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity.  The athletics program at QPHS represents the core of who and what we are, and I gladly invite you to contact us if you or your student feels this higher calling, this calling to be an integral part of our definitive culture of life lessons both on the field and off.

Christ’s Peace,
Ed Abromaitis
Director of Athletics