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Sports Schedules & Scores

2016-17 Sports Schedules

Spring Sports

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Varsity Baseball

April 3Secaucus 4pmHOME3-11 (L)
April 4North Arlington4pmHOME0-13 (L)
April 5New Milford4pmHOME0-21 (L)
April 7Leonia 4pmLeonia
April 8Ridgefield Park11amLittle Ferry1-13 (L)
April 10Bergen Charter4pmHOME21-6(W)
April 12Lyndhurst 4pmLyndhurst
April 19Dwight Englewood4pmDwight Englewood
April 21Harrison 7pmHarrison
April 24Secucus 4pmSecucus
April 25Creskill 4pmCreskill
April 26New Milford4pmNew Milford
April 27Fort Lee4pmFort Lee
April 28Leonia 4pmHOME
April 29Roselle Catholic12pmRoselle Catholic
Mat 1Bergen Charter4pmBergen Charter
May 2Fort Lee4pmFort Lee
May 3Lyndhurst 4pmHOME
May 4Wallington 4pmWallington
May 5Ridgefield 7pm Ridgefield
May 10Ridgefield 7pmHOME
May 11Bogota 4pmBogota
May 12Dwight Englewood4pmHOME
May 15Harrison 4pmHarrison

Varsity Softball

April 3Secaucus4pmHOME
April 5New Milford4pmHOME6-7 (L)
April 7Leonia4pmLeoniaCANCELLED
April 10Bergen Charter4pmHOME22-3 (W)
April 12Lyndhurst4pmLyndhurst
April 13Fort Lee4pmFort Lee
April 15METS Charter10amHOME
April 17Ridgefield7pmRidgefield
April 19Dwight Englewood4pmHOME
April 21Harrison4pmHarrison
April 22Memorial11amMemorial
April 24Secucus4pmSecucus
April 26New Milford4pmNew Milford
April 28Leonia4pmHOME
April 29Roselle Catholic10amRoselle Catholic
May 1Bergen Charter4pmBergen Charter
May 3Lyndhurst4pmHOME
May 4Bergen Tech4pmBergen Tech
May 9Fort Lee4pm HOME
May 10Ridgefield4pmHOME
May 15Harrison4pmHOME
May 23Dwight Englewood4pmDwight Englewood

JV Softball

April 3Secaucus 4pmSecaucus
April 5New Milford4pmNew Milford
April 7Leonia 4pmHOME
April 12Lyndhurst 4pmHOME
April 17Ridgefield 4pmRidgefield
April 19Dwight Englewood4pmDwight Englewood
April 21Harrison 4pmHarrison
April 24Secucus 4pmHOME
April 26New Milford4pmHOME
April 28Leonia 4pmLeonia
May 3Lyndhurst 4pm Lyndhurst
May 10Ridgefield 4pmRidgefield
May 23Dwight Englewood4pmHOME

Spring Track

April 4Dwight Englewood/Secaucus4pmSecaucus
April 12Leonia 4pmLeonia
April 19New Milford/Lyndhurst4pmNew Milford
April 26Ridgefield/Bergen Charter4pmRidgefield

Winter Sports

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Boys Basketball

December 16, 2016Secaucus4/5:30PMHOME59-36 (W)
December 17, 2016St Joe's Montvale11:30/1PMAWAY34-61 (L)
December 20, 2016New Milford4/5:30PMHOME56-40 (W)
December 22, 2016Leonia5:30/7PMAWAY63-40 (W)
December 26, 2016Teaneck (Jingle Bells Jubilee)2PMDon Bosco Tech55-75 (L)
December 27, 2016St. Peters/Paterson Kennedy2 or 6:30PMDon Bosco Tech53-90 (L)
January 3, 2017Bergen Charter4/5:30PMHOME66-43 (W)
January 5, 2017Lyndhurst5:30/7PMAWAY61-49 (W)
January 7, 2017Woodbridge11:00AMHOME54-63 (L)
January 10, 2017Bergen Catholic5:30/7PMAWAY98-56 (L)
January 12, 2017Ridgefield4/5:30PMHOME57-32 (W)
January 15, 2017Showcase vs American History12PMDwight Morrow56-75 (L)
January 17, 2017Dwight Englewood5:30/7PMAWAY
January 19, 2017Harrison4/5:30PMHOME
January 24, 2017Secaucus4/5:30PMAWAY
January 26, 2017New Milford6PMAWAY
January 31, 2017Leonia4/5:30PMHOME
February 2, 2017Bergen Charter4/5:30PMAWAY
February 7, 2017Lyndhurst4/5:30PMHOME
February 9, 2017Dumont5:30/7PMAWAY
February 11, 2017Lyndhurst12PMHOME (NJIC Tournament Quarterfinals)
February 14, 2017Ridgefield5:30/7PMAWAY
February 16, 2017Dwight Englewood4/5:30PMHOME
February 18, 2017New Egypt10:30/12PMHOME
February 21, 2017Harrison5:30/7PMAWAY

Girls Basketball

December 16, 2016Peddie7:30PMHOME51-16 (W)
December 18, 2016Holmdel4:00 PMMatawan High School63-25 (W)
December 26, 2016Immaculate3:30PMJFK High43-44 (L)
December 28, 2016Newark Tech5:15PMJFK High51-63 (L)
December 30, 2016Staten Island3:30PMJFK High49-55 (L)
January 6, 2017Atlantic CityTBAPaterson Eastside65-14 (W)
January 7, 2017Manhattan Center for Science & Math (NY)2:30PMHOME47-28 (W)
January 13, 2017Weequahic4PMWeequahic H.S.83-18 (W)
January 14, 2017Somerville11AMSomerville H.S.50-46 (W)
January 17, 2017Marion P7PMHOME
January 22, 2017Rock Creek Christian AcademyTBANYC48-70 (L)
January 24, 2017Bayonne5:30PMAWAY
January 25, 2017ShabazzHOME85-24 (W)
January 27, 2017Murry Burgtraum7PMMurry Bertraum H.S.
February 1, 2017Blair6:30PMBlair Academy
February 6, 2017Life Center7PMHOME
February 8, 2017St. Mary's4PMSt. Mary's
February 14, 2017Morristown7PMMorristown H.S.
February 12, 2017Immaculate Conception2PMRamapo College (County Tournament Semifinals)
February 17, 2017JFK7PMHOME
February 21, 2017Gloucester Catholic6:30PMGloucester Catholic
February 24, 2017Long Island Lutheran1PMHOME


December 21, 2016Lyndhurst7PMHOME67-6 (W)
December 23, 2016St. John Vianney7PMAWAYCANCELLED
January 4, 2017Lodi7PMAWAY64-6 (W)
January 10, 2017Manchester Regional7PMHOME60-12 (W)
January 11, 2017Leonia7PMAWAY70-12 (W)
January 14, 2017Escape The RockTBAPA
January 15, 2017Escape The RockTBAPA
January 18, 2017Don Bosco7PMHOME
January 21, 2017QUAD10AMHPHS
January 25, 2016NJIC SEMITBATBA
January 28, 2017QUAD10AMHOME
January 30, 2017St. Peter's7PMHOME
February 1, 2016NJIC ChampionshipTBATBA
February 6, 2016Team StatesTBATBA
February 8, 2016Bishop Ahr7PMHOME (Station Sectional Semifinals)
February 10, 2016Team States7PMState Sectional Finals (If advance)
February 12, 2016Group State ChampionshipTBATBA
February 18, 2016DistrictTBATBA
February 22, 2016Region 3TBAWest Orange
February 24, 2016Region 3TBAWest Orange
February 25, 2016Region 3TBAWest Orange


December 8, 2016New Milford4PMParkway Lanes7-0 (W)
December 12, 2016Leonia4PMParkway Lanes5-2 (W)
December 13, 2016Harrison4PMParkway Lanes3-4 (L)
December 15, 2016Bergen Charter4PMParkway Lanes7-0 (W)
December 19, 2016Hawthorne Christian4PMParkway Lanes2.5-4.5 (L)
December 20, 2016Park Ridge4PMParkway Lanes0-7 (L)
January 3, 2017Midland Park4PMParkway Lanes
January 5, 2017Palisades Park4PMParkway Lanes
January 9, 2017Bogota4PMParkway Lanes
January 10, 2017New Milford4PMParkway Lanes
January 12, 2017Leonia4PMParkway Lanes
January 17, 2017Harrison4PMParkway Lanes
January 19, 2017Bergen Charter4PMParkway Lanes
January 23, 2017Hawthorne Christian4PMParkway Lanes
January 24, 2017Park Ridge4PMParkway Lanes
January 26, 2017Midland Park4PMParkway Lanes
January 31, 2017Palisades Park4PMParkway Lanes
February 2, 2017Bogota4PMParkway Lanes
February 6, 2017Park Ridge4PMParkway Lanes
February 11, 2017TBA9AMState Sectionals