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Sports at QPHS

Queen of Peace High School, under the administration of the Athletic Director, provides a comprehensive program of interscholastic athletics. The entire program is arranged in conformity with the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Varsity athletics for boys include: baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, football, indoor track, outdoor track, and soccer.

Varsity athletics for girls include: basketball, bowling, cheerleading, cross country, dance, indoor track, outdoor track, soccer, softball, and volleyball.


  • To develop in the athlete the quality of self-discipline needed for proper conduct, fair play, and sportsmanship in a competitive situation.
  • To aid in the physical, mental, emotional, and Christian growth of the athlete.
  • To develop qualities of leadership through a balance of cooperation with coaches and teammates and competition with opponents.
  • To inculcate in the athlete a realization that self-sacrifice, self-discipline, teamwork, and effort are necessary for achievement.
  • To foster in the athlete a sense of pride in self, in the team, and in the school.
  • To provide opportunities for the athlete to learn to be gracious in victory and to cope with defeat.
  • To provide an opportunity for the athlete to share experiences, ideas, and emotions with others.


To be eligible for the privilege of representing Queen of Peace High School, a student must meet the eligibility requirements of the N.J.S.I.A.A. Any team member whose conduct is prejudicial to the good name of the school will be automatically suspended from the team and will forfeit the right to a letter award.

  • Any athlete found smoking, drinking, or using drugs shall be removed from the team.
  • When a student is absent from school, he/she will not be eligible to participate in any practice or contest on that particular day.
  • The final arbiter regarding these and all school policies is the Principal, or the Principal’s designee.

Any student who has two (2) failures during a marking period becomes ineligible to play or practice in any interscholastic athletic competitions for a period of three (3) weeks. At the end of that three week period, the athlete becomes eligible providing he/she receives confirmation from the teacher of one of the failing subjects that the athlete is now passing and from the teacher of the other failing subject that the athlete is showing marked improvement. Any student who has three (3) or more failures during a marking period becomes ineligible to play or practice in any interscholastic athletic competitions for the entire next marking period.


Awards are made to students who have represented Queen of Peace High School in interscholastic sports and whose sportsmanship and conduct, on and off the athletic field, have reflected credit on our school. These awards can be found in the Office of the Athletic Director.

Student Athlete Trophy

img_5561The Athletic Department annually awards to the outstanding boy athlete and outstanding girl athlete a trophy, which symbolizes the combination of excellence in the classroom and excellence on the athletic field.

The winner will be determined by the following point system:
First Varsity Letter: five points; Second Varsity Letter: three points; Third Varsity Letter: one point, of the athlete’s senior year. The student must be a Varsity athlete in the current year.

Additional points will be awarded on the following basis: senior athlete: four points; junior athlete: three points; sophomore athlete: two points; freshman athlete: one point. Also, the winner shall exhibit outstanding character traits on and off the field or court. Any ties will be broken based on Career Rank at the end of the first semester of the current year.

Information on any other athletic issue can be found in the the Office of the Athletic Director.