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School Policies, Culture, Climate and Discipline

Student Behavior: An Overview

Guidelines regarding behavior at Queen of Peace High School are meant to foster a Christian environment in which the fundamental element is that of respect for self, for the person and property of others, and for the good running of the school. The school sees its fundamental obligation as educating the students and assisting their growth to maturity in an intelligent and Christian manner.

The parents should be fully aware of the guidelines, in enrolling their son or daughter in the school, they agree to abide by the regulations and policies, recognizing the school’s right to govern student behavior and enforce those regulations. The parents are also encouraged, moreover, to cooperate with the school in teaching human, Christian, and moral values, which lie at the foundation of the school’s disciplinary code.

Queen of Peace students and/or their parents have chosen our school looking for something better. They commit to paying tuition despite the fact that other options are available.

QPHS students are expected to act better than their peers. They are expected to give the best they can academically, as demonstrated by their self-discipline.

Bullying/Harassment Policy Statement

Queen of Peace High School maintains a strong stand against Harassment and Bias/Hate Crimes. The school works closely with the North Arlington Police Department to enforce this policy. It is the entire school community’s duty to recognize, report and respond to any reports of harassment, bullying or bias intimidation or criminal acts in accordance with the NJ Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.

Definition of harassment, bullying or bias/hate crime is any incident verbal or physical that victimizes an individual or group. Reporting of such incidents is the responsibility of the entire school community. Any person, student, staff or faculty member who witnesses or becomes aware of this type of harmful behavior shall report it as soon as possible to the Office of the Assistant Principal.

Every complaint will be investigated and appropriate actions will be initiated by the School’s Administration.


Actions, which violate the law, threaten or cause harm to other students or staff members, disrupt or impede the welfare and progress of the school community, or bring discredit to the school will not be tolerated. Such actions or other severe violations of School rules may result in immediate expulsion.

Discipline is one of the most valuable lessons offered via education. While it does not constitute a subject, it underlines the whole educational structure. It is training that develops self-control, character, orderliness, efficiency, and the ability to properly cope with the responsibilities of adult life. It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for other people.

As a general principle, Queen of Peace High School students should act with responsible freedom. “With responsible freedom” should mean acting like a person who is aware of and respects the rights and feelings of others. Respect for self and others is the keystone of all conduct.

Since there can be no character formation without training in discipline, Queen of Peace High School students must conform to all regulations which are devised for the welfare of the whole student body.

Queen of Peace High School recognizes its responsibility to safeguard its good name and the welfare of all its students. The school reserves the right to respond, as it sees fit, to the misbehavior of its students, especially in serious matters. This includes those actions that take place outside of school hours and away from school property or activities, as long as this behavior reflects badly on the school’s good name.

In the classroom, one student cannot interfere with the rights of other students to learn. Any student who seriously interferes with the learning process in the classroom will be subject to suspension since he/she has forfeited the right to learn with others.

Students will be immediately dismissed from Queen of Peace for the following reasons:

  • Selling or distributing drugs in any setting.
  • Bringing drugs or alcohol to school for personal use or to distribute to other students.
  • Weapons possession in any school setting.

Food & Drink Policy

Students are not to consume any food or drink in any part of the school building other than the cafeteria. Infraction of this policy will warrant detention.


Cheating in testing situations and in academic assignments is not acceptable behavior and will be treated as such. The teacher will recommend a grade of zero to the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs for the student who cheats with respect to exams, quiz, homework, assignments, etc. The student will be assigned 5 afternoons in detention. A second offense will warrant a suspension. Cheating on semester or final exams will result in a grade of zero in the examination and possible failure of the course. Cheating includes PLAGIARISM.


Any student who commits or attempts to commit a burglary, theft or robbery at school will be put on probation, suspended or dismissed and liable to civil action, depending upon the specific circumstances of the situation. The student or his/her family must make restitution. All students are responsible for securing their own personal property, this includes students participating in Gym or after school activities. The school does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen property even when the property is secured by a school issued lock. All students are discouraged from bringing large sums of money, expensive jewlery and other valuables to school. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of such items.


Any student who is involved in or instigates a fight will be suspended from school. A repeated offense may warrant dismissal.

Attendance at queen of peace high school implies a willingness to comply with these rules.


For those students who need help with their self-discipline, the Detention Program encourages them to move in this direction. A rule-abiding student who makes wise decisions will not have the need to attend Detention. Detention is for those students who lack self-discipline in given areas and do not take control of their own behavior. If a student is not taking responsibility for his/her own behavior, then the school will attempt to redirect the student’s behavior to comply with the school’s expectations. Students must demonstrate that they are committed to conducting themselves appropriately in a variety of situations. Detention is one method of assisting students in meeting that challenge.

Further guidelines and the conditions of the Detention Program are provided below.


  • Detention is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in an assigned room from 2:50 to 3:30 and is normally reserved for violations of general school rules.
  • Students assigned to Detention must attend on the day they are assigned to it. If the student has received multiple days, they must be served immediately and in consecutive days.
  • Detention comes before early dismissal, activity meetings, sports (practices or games), etc. Only a teacher (for academic reasons) can postpone Detention. All conflicts must be resolved through the Assistant Principal before the end of the school day.
  • All students assigned to Detention must come prepared to constructively spend their time on school related work. Students may complete homework or other school related projects.
  • If a student misses an assigned Detention, he or she will be assigned two (2) additional Detention sessions by the Assistant Principal. Repeat absences from detention will result in more severe sanctions including suspension.

Saturday Detention

  • Students may be assigned to Saturday Detention at the discretion of the Assistant Principal. Saturday Detention is reserved for those students who repeatedly violate the same school rules.
  • The Queen of Peace school uniform shall be worn by those students assigned to Saturday Detention.
  • Saturday Detention shall be conducted from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM in a school location determined by the Assistant Principal.

Teacher’s Detention

  • Teacher’s Detention shall be utilized for violations of classroom rules such as but not limited to: talking in class, failure to submit assignments and chewing gum in class.
  • Students will be assigned Teacher’s Detention at the discretion of the individual classroom teacher at the time and school location determined by the teacher.
  • Failure to attend a Teacher’s Detention shall be deemed a violation of school rules and will result in the student being assigned to an additional General Detention. The Teacher’s Detention will still remain mandatory.

Students who receive a Detention are responsible to make the necessary arrangements for transportation home.

Confiscated Student ID Cards

The following procedures are to be followed very carefully when a student’s School ID is taken by a teacher:

  • The teacher will submit the ID card to the Student Services Office the same day the card is confiscated.
  • The student will report to the Student Services Office immediately at the end of the school day and at the very latest the beginning of the next day of school. (It is understandable that teachers will not always have the time to submit the card immediately.)
  • Student failure to report to the student services office will result in additional consequences or other disciplinary measures.
  • Students must wear their official Queen of Peace High School ID as described in the student dress code requirements.

Major Rules Infractions

For the below listed major rule infractions and other circumstances of a serious nature, a parental conference may be required. The student will automatically serve one week (four days) in the Detention Program and may receive other disciplinary measures (including the possibility of more Detentions) to be determined by the Assistant Principal.

  • Did not report to class or is more than ten minutes late for class will be considered a cut and result in serious consequences.
  • Smoking anywhere in or around school will warrant 5 detentions. A second smoking offense will result in suspension.
  • Leaving school building without permission will result in a suspension.
  • Did not report to office when directed to do so.
  • Did not report to General Detention or Teacher’s Detention (second offense).
  • Disrespect, Lying, Vandalism
  • Truancy, Cheating, Fighting
  • Defiance may be grounds for suspension and/or a parental conference.
  • Disorderly conduct including talking, horseplay or any other disruptive behavior during a fire or other emergency drill.

* If a student commits two major infractions, making a parental conference necessary, the student will be placed on probation for one school year.
* A third infraction of this kind may necessitate dismissal from Queen of Peace High School.

Rule Infractions

For the following infractions and others of a similar degree, the student will serve at least one Detention. However, repeated offenses of the same nature will require a parental conference.

  • Dress code violations
  • Late for school or class by less than 10 minutes with no other infractions will cause the student to be assigned to a Detention
  • Did not report to General Detention or Teacher’s Detention (first offense only) – 2 additional Detentions
  • Absence without following proper procedure will warrant detention
  • In hallway at inappropriate time without a hall pass will warrant detention

Continued inaction on the part of the student to correct his or her own behavior will result in suspension or other disciplinary measures, including dismissal from Queen of Peace High School.

Detention and any other sanctions, for infractions of school discipline policy, will be assigned based on the seriousness of the offense, its frequency, and motivation governing the student’s behavior. The Assistant Principal is the final arbiter in all matters concerning student behavior.

The Catholic Church and this Catholic school recognize parents as the primary educators of their children. The education of students at our school is a partnership between parents and the school. If, in the opinion of the Administration, the partnership is irretrievably broken, the school reserves the right to require the parent to withdraw his or her child. This is a very serious decision that is not made lightly.


Students may be suspended from school for any serious violation of school policy. When a student is suspended all assignments due or missed (homeworks, quizzes, tests, projects, etc..) will receive a zero and may not be made up. Reinstatement will take place only after a conference with the parent(s) and under conditions laid down by the administration of the school. Any student who is suspended will automatically forfeit leadership positions that are held. Repeated suspensions will necessitate a student’s dismissal from Queen of Peace High School. A student may not participate in or attend any school related function or event during the suspension period.


Because of the destruction of school property (desks, floors, etc.), the chewing of GUM is not permitted in the school building at any time.

Electronic Devices

As a college preparatory school, QPHS students need to structure and balance their personal activities in order to achieve academically and socially. Electronic devices are beneficial when supporting academics and used appropriately.

  • A student may use a laptop or iPad
  • Cell phones are not to be displayed or used during the school day, 8:15 am to 2:45 pm.
  • Personal MP3 players and/or iPod’s may be used appropriately in the cafeteria only.
  • A student may not use any portable electronic gaming system.

If displayed during the school day or used inappropriately, electronic devices will be confiscated by the school staff, labeled and turned over to the Assistant Principal.

Substance Awareness

Queen of Peace High School is committed to the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use/abuse. Queen of Peace High School believes chemical dependency problems interfere with appropriate school behavior, student learning, and the student’s ability to reach his/her full potential. Queen of Peace High School conforms to all N.J. State Statues. The alcohol and drug abuse policy has been written with due consideration for the legal rights and responsibilities of administration, faculty, students and parents who may find themselves involved in such situations. N.J. Statute (NJSA18 A: 4.0-4.1) requires that educational personnel report a pupil whom they perceive to be under the influence of a controlled, dangerous substance.

We believe that students must be chemically free in order to develop in the most productive and healthy manner. We are committed to being a drug free school!

Smoking and/or Tobacco Use

Because of the danger to one’s health, the sanitary problem inherent in smoking, and because of directives given by the Department of Health of the State of New Jersey, Queen of Peace students are not permitted to smoke. All laws concerning the prohibition of cigarettes in the State of New Jersey and Borough of North Arlington are enforceable. The carrying of tobacco products on a student’s person is prohibited during the school day and/or at other school activities and functions.

All Queen of Peace functions and activities are smoke free.

QPHS Alcohol and Drug Policy Statement

The presence of any prohibited substance in school, on school grounds, on any school vehicle, and at any school-sponsored activities on or off campus creates an atmosphere that disrupts the educational process. The school will not tolerate the possession and/or use of prohibited drugs or the use of alcoholic beverages by any student.

  • The Administration reserves the right to search lockers, bags, clothing, or the person of student suspected of using, possessing, and/or distributing alcohol or drugs.
  • The Administration reserves the right to question any student who is suspected of using, in possession of, or suspected of distributing illegal substances.

The Administration through the SAC (Substance Abuse Counselor) reserves the right to require the following:

  • Upon review of the situation a student may be required to go immediately for drug testing and medical assessment, by a clinic specified by the Administration, with a follow up parental conference before a student can resume classes. Normally the drug testing and/or medical assessment must be completed within 24 hours.
  • If the student and/or parents refuse the drug testing and medical assessment, the student will be suspended pending review by the Administration and SAC. The student may be asked to leave QPHS.
  • Refusal to cooperate and provide immediate proof of assessment and/or any required follow-up treatment may result in dismissal from Queen of Peace.
  • The required tests shall be paid for by the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s).

Any student appearing in school or at any school-sponsored function, on school property or elsewhere, and discovered to be in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will be subject to expulsion.

School Attendance

Parents should not plan any vacation time or family outings, which interfere with the school schedule. Students who miss school time for vacation time or family obligations will not be permitted to make-up quizzes, tests, projects, and homework. Exceptions will be made only if there is a meeting between the school (usually through the VP for Discipline) at least one (1) week in advance to the family event and as agreed to by the school.

Attendance Procedures

  • The parent MUST notify the school attendance officer (201-998-8227 x 15) of their child’s absence. This phone call MUST be completed by 8:30 A.M.
  • For repeat absences, a phone call must be received each day that the student is absent.
  • A note, signed and dated by a parent, stating the student’s name and the reason for absence, must be submitted to the Attendance Officer before 8:15 A.M. by the student on the first day back to school after the absence. The phone call does not replace this note. The note is required for placement into the student’s attendance file.
  • A doctor’s note is required if a student is absent for three (3) or more consecutive days.
  • Request for early dismissal must be submitted in writing to the Student Services Office, faxed to 201-998-3040, or emailed to attendance@qphs.org at least one day in advance of the requested excuse. It must be signed by the parent and confirmed by a parent phone call on the day requested. The matter will be considered by the Assistant Principal before any release time is granted.
  • The closing of Queen of Peace High School in the event of a severe snow storm will be conveyed using the School Reach phone message system.
  • When a student is absent from school, he/she is not eligible to participate in any school activity on that day.
  • Doctor/Dentist appointments should not be scheduled during the school day.
  • Seniors will be permitted two days for college visits. The student must submit a note from the parent at least three (3) days in advance of the visit. Subsequently, a note from the College Admissions office must be submitted to the Assistant Principal upon return.

Attendance Consequences

In order to give each student the maximum opportunity to learn and in compliance with the attendance laws of the State of New Jersey as set forth in NJSA 18A: 38:25-26, Queen of Peace High School accepts its responsibility in requiring students to attend class regularly.

  • Unexcused Absences and Truancy: A student found to be truant will be suspended from school for a period of time to be determined by the Assistant Principal. Truancy includes leaving the school building at anytime during the school day, cutting class or not reporting to school. Students should never leave the school building under any circumstances without authorization from the Student Services Office. Truancy may be grounds for dismissal from Queen of Peace High School.
  • Prolonged Absence: On a case-by-case basis, the school will work with the individual student and family to determine the best way to assist the student in continuing his/her education. A doctor’s note is required for any absences due to illness of three (3) or more consecutive days.
  • Students who are absent more than five (5) times in the first semester or ten (10) times during the year may be required to submit a doctor’s note on all future periods of absence.
  • Students who miss more than sixteen (16) days of school (in consideration with #3 above) will be placed on probation and will be in jeopardy of losing credit for the year.
  • A student must be in school for at least 50% of the school day to constitute attendance for a full day.
  • If a student becomes ill in school, he/she should report to the Nurse’s office. The nurse will decide what should be done. Students should not call their parents/guardians without authorization from the Student Services Office. Students must not leave the building because of illness without authorization from the Student Services Office.


  • The school day begins at 8:15 A.M. and students are expected to be in their seat in homeroom at that time. Those students arriving after this time are considered late for the day and must report to the Student Services Office for a late pass.

Consequences of Lateness

  • Students arriving late for the beginning of their school day or a class shall be assigned to one (1) detention.
  • Students who continue to be late may be suspended from school activities including: clubs, sports, trips, prom and other school privileges for a period of time to be determined by the Assistant Principal.
  • Chronic tardiness (15 or more) may result in the student having to make up time at the end of the school year.

Tardiness will not be tolerated and this policy will be strictly enforced.

Parental Rights to School Records

Queen of Peace High School abides by the provisions of applicable law with respect to the rights of non-custodial parents. In the absence of a court order to the contrary and upon request, the school will provide the non-custodial parent with access to the student’s essential academic records.

Court Orders

If there is a court order specifying the rights and responsibilities of individual parents, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the School with an official copy of the court order. The custodial parent may wish to supply the Principal with the “custody section” of the divorce decree if it contains information which may be useful to the School in fulfilling its obligations.

School Dress Code

Students who do not comply with the following dress code regulations will not be permitted to attend classes and will be sent home!

Student Appearance

Queen of Peace High School considers pride in one’s appearance to be an essential mark of the mature person.

The school takes pride in the appearance of its students. Your dress indicates the quality of your school, your conduct, and your schoolwork.

In all matters of dress and appearance, the assistant principal is the final arbiter.

A student must be in dress code at all times while in the school building, this includes all common areas of the building such as the cafeteria and hallways, from the time classes begin until classes end.

A student is to remain in full compliance with the dress code, even if scheduled for an early dismissal. A student is to remain in full compliance with the dress code if a student(s) choose(s) to remain in the school building for extra help or for other matters. Students in detention must be in dress code.

Students who do not comply with dress code regulations will be sent home and will not be permitted to attend class until the problem is resolved.

Boy’s Uniform Requirements

School uniforms are purchased through:

5819 Bergenline Avenue, West New York, NJ – 201-864-1700

Fall/Spring Uniform

  • Navy or khaki poly/cotton men’s pants
  • White, navy/khaki or green/khaki short sleeve polo shirt with school logo
  • Black leather shoes
  • Navy or khaki socks
  • Black belt

Winter Uniform

  • Navy or khaki poly/cotton men’s pants
  • White/Light Blue button down long or short sleeve shirt with tie
  • Navy Cardigan or V-neck pullover sweater with school logo
  • Black leather shoes
  • Navy or khaki socks
  • Black belt

General appearance for male students:

  • Students must be neatly groomed at all times. Hair must not extend beyond the collar; beards, mustaches, long sideburns and shaved designs are prohibited. No exaggerated or distractive styles (this includes dyed hair of any kind). Hair must not be worn below the eyebrows. Unshaved students will not be permitted to attend class and will be sent home to shave.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist at all times and not be too long as to touch the floor and the belt should be visible at all times as a result of the uniform shirt being neatly tucked into the waistband. During fall/spring students may wear their polo shirts untucked.
  • Dress socks must always be worn with the shoe.
  • Hats are not permitted to be worn inside the building.

Girl’s Uniform Requirements

School uniforms are purchased through:

5819 Bergenline Avenue, West New York, NJ – 201-864-1700

Fall/Spring Uniform:

  • Navy or khaki flat front low-rise girls slacks
  • White, Blue/khaki, or Green/khaki short sleeve polo with school logo
  • Navy or khaki socks
  • Black leather shoe or Burgundy loafer
  • Black belt

Winter Uniform:

  • Navy or khaki flat front low-rise girls slacks
  • White or Light Blue long/short sleeve buttondown collar blouse with school logo
  • Navy Cardigan or V-neck pullover sweater with school logo
  • Navy or khaki socks
  • Black leather shoe or Burgundy loafer
  • Black belt

General appearance for female students:

  • Designed knee socks or knee-highs are not permitted.
  • The school shoe must be worn with school approved socks.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist at all times and not be too long as to touch the floor and the belt should be visible at all times as a result of the uniform blouse being neatly tucked into the waistband.
  • Cosmetics should be worn with good taste and be appropriate to the school setting.
  • Large hooped earrings or dangling jewelry items presenting a danger or distraction are not permitted.
  • Expensive, sentimental jewelry items or other such valuables should not be worn or brought to school. The school will not be held responsible for such items.

Normally the winter uniform is worn from November to April but, because of weather variations from year to year, the switch to/from winter dress code will be made by pending prevailing weather patterns. The exact dates will be posted at a later date.

General Appearance Male and Female Students

  • School attire is to be worn properly to and from school.
  • Under garments such as sweaters, turtlenecks, under armour or winter under garments shall not be worn or be visible to the casual eye.
  • Students are permitted to wear small stud earrings in the ears only. Hoop earrings must not be larger than a dime. Large hoops or dangling styles are not permitted and will be confiscated if worn. Visible body piercing other than earrings is not permitted. (This includes nose studs and tongue rings).
  • Fingernails of exaggerated length or extreme color are not permitted.
  • Outerwear must be secured in the student’s locker throughout the school day.
  • Hats of any kind are removed when entering the building and shall be secured in the student’s locker during the school day. (This includes dress down days.)
  • All students must wear their official Queen of Peace High School ID card at all times during the school day. The card shall be worn on the Queen of Peace High School lanyard and shall be visible to the casual eye.
  • Only a school sweater may be worn if a student feels chilled when the Spring/Fall dress code is in affect.

*The administration reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of the dress of a student in particular for jewelry/hairstyle issues, etc.

Special events/dress down days

For the purposes of fund raising for charity, or to celebrate some event, an altered dress code may be permitted. It is the responsibility of the student to comply fully with the guidelines published for such events. A student should ask the Assistant Principal if he/she is unsure what the particular guidelines are for a dress down day or wear the regular seasonal dress code.

School Hours

  • School is officially in session from 8:15 A.M. until 2:45 P.M. each day. All students must be in their homeroom beginning at 8:15 A.M. A student arriving late for homeroom shall be considered late for school.
  • Religious services, assemblies, retreats, etc. are part of the school schedule and supersede any individual early dismissal time. Students and parents should therefore be aware of this and understand that the student is required to attend the school function. This policy is in effect for all school functions, unless the administration indicates otherwise.
  • Students are not permitted to use athletic locker rooms before 2:50 P.M. unless specifically granted permission by the Director of Athletics.
  • Students are not permitted in the building after 3:15 P.M. unless participating in an athletic or extracurricular activity being supervised by a moderator or a coach. Students are not permitted to go to the upper floors following an activity. Unsupervised presence on school property is a serious violation of school policy.


  • WORKING PAPERS: Students may request working papers from the Guidance Office secretary.
  • HEALTH SERVICES: An applicant whose immunization record is incomplete can not be admitted.
  • STUDENT INSURANCE: Student insurance is required of all students. When a student is injured, he/she should request a claim form in the office within TWO (2) DAYS after the injury is incurred. This form must be completed by the parents and presented to the doctor or hospital. The school merely acts as a medium in supplying the insurance.
  • CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Students must inform the office immediately upon change of address or a change in telephone number.
  • PARENT CONFERENCES: (other than scheduled interview nights) Parents may make appointments for conferences with teachers, counselors, or the administration by telephoning the school office.
  • STUDENT AUTOMOBILES: Students who drive a car must register the car in the Student Services Office. The parking lot adjacent to the school is reserved for the faculty. The school or parish does not provide parking space for student cars. The police will ticket students who park illegally including blocking driveways. Students must take every precaution not to block the private driveways of our local neighbors.
  • ELEVATOR: The elevator is reserved for faculty use. If because of illness or injury a student must use the elevator, he/she may request a pass in the Nurse’s Office. Use of the elevator after school hours is prohibited.
  • LOCKERS: Each student is assigned one (1) locker for his/her use during the school year. The students are required to use ONLY school sold locks available from the bookstore at the beginning of the school year. The students may keep the lock and use it from year to year. Lockers should not be kicked or forced shut. Any breakage or difficulties should be reported immediately to the Office of Student Services. Students are expected to keep their lockers in good order and use them in an appropriate fashion. Materials or decorations contrary to the philosophy of the school will not be tolerated. Lockers are subject to inspection at any time by the school administration. Students are strictly cautioned to make sure that their lockers are properly secured. No student should share his or her combination with another student. Students are permitted at the locker during passing time between classes, but should minimize the time spent at the locker. Loitering in the hall is not permitted at anytime in between classes.
  • VISITORS: Anyone visiting the school must first report to the Student Services Office or Main Office to secure a Visitor’s pass.
  • STUDENT GUESTS: If a student wishes to have a guest for a day:
  • Student must get permission from the Assistant Principal at least three (3) days in advance of the visit.
  • All teachers of that day must consent before the guest visits.
  • Student and guest must have permission from parents to visit QPHS.
  • Permitted guests must wear business casual clothing.
  • Student and guest must report to the SSO at the beginning and conclusion of the school day.
  • FIRE DRILLS: During a fire/emergency drill, all students must leave the building quickly according to the evacuation plan and/or oral directions by faculty and staff. The evacuation must be conducted in total silence. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in serious consequences for the offending student. Students must always listen to the directions given by school staff. This is especially important if the students are being directed to relocate to an alternate evacuation route or rallying point outside of the school building. Any student hampered by a handicap will be assigned to students for assistance in evacuating the building.
  • TRAFFIC: All students who are being dropped off or picked up by car must do so on the corner of Beaver Avenue or on Rutherford Place or on Ridge Road.  Do not drop off or pick up in the parking lot. Church Place is closed during school hours.
  • DANCES: All school dances are administered through Student Council and the Dance Moderator. Students are reminded that dances are a school activity and all school policies apply. Dances are a social function and students are expected to fully enjoy themselves. The student, parents and faculty should be proud of the behavior displayed at school dances. The Student Council shall determine the theme and dress code for each dance. Parents are asked to volunteer for supervision of the school dances.
  • SEMI-FORMALS/PROMS: Students and their parent(s) who wish to participate at these events must attend one (1) mandatory ⦁    parental informational meeting scheduled during the year, as listed in the ⦁    school calendar. Non-attendance at this meeting will warrant non-participation at the event. If a parent has attended a previous pre-prom meeting they are exempt from attending the session. These parents must still submit a signed prom form to the faculty moderator.
  • MEDICINE: State regulations prohibit the administration of any medications in school without a doctor’s note. This also includes any over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, or any cold or allergy medications. If you want your child to receive any medications while in school the appropriate forms are available upon request from the nurse’s office.
  • STUDENT ID CARD: ID cards are issued to students during the orientation days at the opening of school. Students must wear the official Queen of Peace ID card at all times on the QPHS lanyard. If the ID card and/or lanyard is lost, the student must report to the Student Services Office for a temporary ID card. The temporary ID card may be used until a new ID card is issued but not for any longer than one (1) week. New ID card pictures are taken on Fridays after school in room 316. All new ID cards and lanyards are to be paid for in advance at the Student Services Office. A $25.00 fee will be charged for replacements ($15.00 for photo and $10.00 for lanyard).
  • LOCAL NEIGHBORS: Students are prohibited from littering and/or loitering on the private property of any of our neighbors’ homes. Students should always be courteous and demonstrate a Christian attitude at all times but especially when in the vicinity of the school building.
  • BUSING: All school policies and expectations are in affect upon school buses. For the safety of the student and to assist the bus company employees any student whose behavior interferes with the safe operation of the school bus may be denied bus privileges.